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At, we are on a mission to accelerate the World's transition to Cryptocurrency.
How is the cryptocurrencies used ?


We have many popular Cryptocurrencies that you can store, convert and mortgage on VNDT wallet.


We control risk through collateral ratios of different Cryptocurrencies in order to easily manage your Cryptocurrencies.


We guarantee the collateral Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged anytime, anywhere through our e-commerce partnership.

Culture and Values
Our mission initiates by empowering to Users

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Our value


We always think and act beyond boundaries to understand deeply about all issues. We strive to find a way to get things done by what is available. We believe great ideas can come from anywhere, whether from senior and experienced personnel or our Software/Blockchain engineers

Dream Big

We think big, take such acceptable risks, and do things that have never been done before. We are not afraid to make tough choices that align with our long-term objectives. We know that it always seems impossible until it’s done


Never give Up is not in our dictionary. We understand that building a Company that changes the world (in the perspective of consumer's behavior or investment in a Fintech field) is a great assignment. We are working with such a great ambition, passion, and aspiration, overcoming hardships together, backing-up for each other's weaknesses, loving every moment working together towards the ultimate goal. Our ultimate goal is a more transparent, less barriers, and safer Fintech World. We work in a sense of responsibility and determination to pursue our goals to the end

Ownership culture

We encourage from key management positions to professional personnel to bring a spirit, proactive working culture. We build a hybrid working mechanism that intersects the two working conditions of Centralization and Decentralization to optimize all resources and contribute toward the highest results for the Company and the Community. We believe that "Culture of ownership" attracts many talented people from around the world together to create great things for the World Fintech Community. We aim at creating breakthrough values ​​and inspire the community

Remain Humble

We don’t seek the limelight and focus on doing what is best for the company and the users. We leave our egos at the door and learn from our mistakes, knowing that we are always stronger as a team. We think twice before spending, but are aggressive when it comes to investing in what matters

Thoughtful thinking

Clarity mindset is the most important thing that we need in our colleagues. We make everything concise and clear, contribute the most efforts to make everything simple and straightforward