Loans up to
of your cryptocurrencies
Get a loan with a digital mortgage asset
We strive to provide diversified financial products/services which you can immediately mortgage your Crypto assets and receive mortgage loan amounts by VNDT/USDT loans.
  • Disbursement time is less than 10 seconds
  • No late fees.
Why borrow with VNDT?

Variety of Crypto
We have a huge variety of crypto available to borrow and use as collaterial for a loan.

We control risk through different collaterial rates in different currencies to make it easy to use

We make sure that the crypto you borrow can be withdraw immediately no matter where you are
How to start a VNDT loan?
  • Borrower creates a loan request.
  • Transferring Crypto assets (collateral) from Borrower’s wallet to Our platform.
  • The borrower gets a loan from VNDT.
  • Once the original loan and interest are repaid, the Crypto assets will be returned to the borrower

Mortgage Crypto
and Instant Loan
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