Loan Process
Take a loan from your cryptocurrency mortgage, ensuring the approval process
Why should you borrow with VNDT?
We strive to provide diversified financial services where you can quickly mortgage your Cryptocurrencies and receive a loan in VNDT/VND or USDT. Borrowers can mortgage Cryptocurrency to purchase physical assets (cars, apartments, business, etc.) with a certain interest rate under the management of
How to start a VNDT loan?

Borrower creates a loan request.

Transferring Crypto assets (collateral) from Borrower’s wallet to Our platform.

The borrower gets a loan from VNDT.

Once the original loan and interest are repaid, the Crypto assets will be returned to the borrower

Frequently asked questions
Q1. What are Crypto Loan criteria?

A1. As long as You are registered as user of VNDT, You can borrow on Crypto Loan.

Q2. What are Crypto assets to eligible to borrow on Crypto Loan?

A2. Crypto Loan supports several Cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, USDT and VNDT. You can check out the Crypto Asset Mortgage on Crypto Loan for more information.

Q3. How long are the loan terms for Crypto Loan?

A3. Crypto Loan terms are available for 7, 14, 30, 90 and 180 days. You can always repay in advance and the interest is calculated based on the hours borrowed.

Q4. How is the interest calculated?

A4. The Interest is calculated daily, and less than one day is calculated as a day. The interest rate is determined by the time you make the loan.

Q5. How do I repay interest and original?

A5. You must repay us manually on the Crypto Asset Mortgage page. Interest must be prepaid.

Q6. Can I make a full refund before the due date?

A6. You can always repay in advance and interest is calculated based on the days borrowed.

Q7. What is LTV (Loan To Value)?

A7. LTV is the value of your loan relative to the value of Your collateral. The price used here is Index price. Different collateral crypto assets have different LTVs, meaning that when You use different crypto assets as collateral of the different value, the loan You make also has a different value.

Q8. What happens when my LTV is too high?

A8. If Your LTV is higher than your margin call LTV, we will notify You to add more collateral or to repay Your loan. If Your LTV is higher than the liquidated LTV, we will liquidate your collateral to pay off Your loan.

Q9. How can I adjust my collateral?

A9. You can adjust your collateral(s) on the Crypto Asset Mortgage page. You can always add more collateral(s) and when Your LTV is lower than the original LTV, You can also delete some of your collateral.

Q10. What if my payments are overdue?

A10. We offer 72 hours (for 7-day and 14-day loan terms) or 168 hours (for 30-day, 90-day and 180-day loan periods), of which You will be charged fee is 3 times the hourly rate. If you fail to pay your debt over the course of the day, we will dispose of your collateral to repay Your loan.

Q11. Can I use the Mortgaged Crypto Assets to trade Margin and Futures? Can I withdraw them?

A11. Yes, you can transact on VNDT using the loan you make as long as you meet the conditions to use the service. You can also withdraw them within the Loan conditions.